Empowering You To Know That You Know

Imagine that you are walking the paths of life and you have everything you require for every situation.
Like in those adventure games.
When at any given time you pull out this specific tool that fits exactly what you needed.

So FOUNDATION class is like that (with sparkle of magic).
It’s like a huge basket full of tools for situations that happen in all of our lives.
4 days of an in-depth course for yourself, for your family, for your business, and also as an addition to tools for the clinic.

Class Schedule:

3.5 days 22.11-25.11

Part of the time we will be giving and receiving the powerful Energetic Body Processes on treatment beds.

we will learn and experience energetic tools and processes that allow us to create,
and change every area of life, if we only allow it to happen.

We will learn about creating a future from the reality beyond the limited reality, About clearing our own distractor implants that sometimes stop us from creating and showing up in life, we will learn useful tools about energy flows for the future, relationship, business, money, magic… basically it’s about our life !

All these amazing tools are designed for yourself, and as additional tools for the clinic and for your patients, for the family…

*There will be recordings for all days of the class and you will receive it as soon as possible.

The Foundation class offers a lot of space for personal questions about any area of life that limits you,
and you can receive facilitation during the course.
It’s amazing to see how change happens in real time.

You will receive a class manual with all the tools and the body processes.

If you want, after the class you will be invited to join Dr. Ronit’s Foundation whatsup group, and you will receive free calls at no cost once a while.

Each participant receives an international certificate.

About Dr. Ronit Nesher :

Dr Ronit Nesher, a psyctherapist and a Gestalt group therapist, has been able to create a new definition to energy healing by merging the energy tools of Access Consciousness together with psychotherapy. Using the constructive tools of Access Consciousness, Dr Ronit has been facilitating individuals and groups revealing the path that can create a reality beyond reality.
Her amazing ability to work with groups has caused her to succeed in facilitating many Foundation classes all around the world. Her secret lies in shedding the light of joy on all aspects of life.
The former TV host spreads her magic from her humble home on Paros Island, Greece

Class Fee:

2250 euro for 100% countries
or half price for those who repeat the class within 12 months.

The price includes the class, the printed manual, an international certification.

Light refreshments and drinks will be served during the class.

*The price does not include:
Hotel accommodation, meals
(There are hotels whose price includes breakfast).

You can pay by credit card (with the possibility of payments)
Or cash
Whatever is comfortable for you.

Pre req’s for this class:
Bars class
( if you didn’t do a Bars class yet, don’t worry … we have enough time until our class.
Contact us and we will assist you with finding a Bars class in your area)

What are the infinite possibilities for you with this class ?

Feel free to contact us with any question.

When :



Paros Greece
Contact us for a special online possibility for people in Palestine / Israel who are affected by the situation.
(a special permission by Gary Douglas for this class only)

Would you like more info ? Or to register ? Contact us and let’s explore What Else IS possible for you